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REVIEW: 12-12-12

REVIEW: 12-12-12

This is unlike any concert film you’ve ever seen.  Besides putting you in the front row of performances by some of  the royalty of music,  it captures the moments we didn’t see on tv- the backstage moments of stars meeting stars- artists  preparing for their performances.  Seeing Paul McCartney’s pre-concert  rituals (a manicure???!!! Who knew!!) are an eye-opener. It’ priceless seeinging McCartney watch the performances that preceded his own.

Roger Daltry, Roger Waters , Adam Sandler , Chris Rock  and  Kanye West are just a few of the featured. More revealing was what it took to organize an event of that magnitude a mere month and change after the disaster that hit the New York City area. Not an easy fete- even when the  organizers are  powerbrokers  John Sykes (an MTV and VH1 co- founder and now god of Clear Channel Media & Entertainment), film mogul Harvey Weinstein and  Cablevision CEO and New York Knicks owner James (don’t f-with him) Dolan. Trust me, you don’t want to make this guy angry!!

The film has some tender moments. I melted seeing the late James Gandolfini  answering the  telethon phones . Also riveting : watching the director of the televised show , whose job is like the conductor of an orchestra.

Best of all: misson accomplished. Over 50-million dollars  raised and distributed by The Robin Hood Foundation to help local  groups  deal with the aid at the ground zero level.

4 stars


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